Preconstruction items are very critical to the start of a successful project and BIM/CAD drafting coordination is a very important aspect of successful preconstruction. Being prepared for a project before you even set foot on the job site can reduce costs in all aspects of a project. BIM & CAD drafting services can reduce errors/rework that lead to lower costs. With successful coordination, materials can be pre-fabricated offsite which will lead to increased on-site productivity and help beat project schedules.

At Amber we have been a part of and lead many BIM/CAD drafting coordination efforts that have resulted in successful preconstruction readiness. From small build-outs to large multi-story buildings Amber has been a part of successful coordination on all size levels.

As the construction industry moves forward in implementing technology throughout the construction process, here at Amber we are ready to lead and participate in the future of the industry.

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