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How IoT Can Improve HVAC Services

A Look at the Internet of Things’ Effects on Commercial HVAC Enter the self-healing building For a business, buildings are a means to an end. That’s per Matt Gates, director of intelligent services offers at Trane. “Most customers have to … Continued

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Five Steps to Success When Integrating Building Technology

New building automation requires learning the language and planning ahead The next level of building automation is around the corner, and preparation is well underway for the continued transformation of the built environment. From how mechanical systems run to how … Continued

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How Tech Contributes to Construction Safety

New technologies are redefining how to plan, build and deliver the full spectrum of construction projects. Automation, software and new processes are changing the construction industry in unprecedented ways, and construction management is evolving along with it. Construction companies are … Continued

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Challenging solutions often called for in multifamily dwellings

Planning multifamily dwellings: HVAC and plumbing Multifamily dwellings are fascinating projects with unique HVAC needs. In essence, they could be considered giant people storage facilities for different stages of life. College dormitories, for example, contain young adults in their late … Continued

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The heating, cooling needs of net-zero-energy buildings

Design Process for a Net-Zero Energy Building A Net-Zero Energy Building A net-zero energy building is one that produces enough energy to match or exceed its consumption. In theory, any building can achieve this with a renewable generation system of … Continued

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Consider all variables when improving HVAC efficiency

How Machine Learning Can Help With Energy Management Facility managers and buildings owners can use machine learning to control and, eventually, predict energy management use. That can save money on one of the largest financial factors of owning and managing … Continued

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The Construction Industry Is Being Reinvented – Here’s How

The construction industry is coming under increasing pressure from several directions at once—and the entire sector is reshaping as a result. Clients now expect their homes, offices, commercial buildings and infrastructures to be part of their “connected lives.” For instance, … Continued

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SMACNA Insight on High-Performance Air Systems

A well-designed high-performance air system can provide a building with a cost-effective and efficient solution. In almost all cases a high-performance air system (HPAS) will have the lowest installed first cost of systems commonly considered. In addition, they achieve and … Continued

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