Amber Mechanical Contractors, Inc. is a 2nd generation HVAC business that was started in 1959, with expertise in the areas of Mechanical Piping, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Heating, Building Control Systems, as well as Service, Retrofit, and Maintenance of HVAC systems.

Amber Mechanical Contractors, Inc. is a fully diversified and integrated company that has the ability to provide complete in-house engineering, design assistance, fabrication, installation, and service of HVAC systems. This diversified and integrated approach allows Amber to provide its customers with the most cost effective and practical solutions for their particular HVAC mechanical and control system requirements.

For more than 59 years, Amber Mechanical Contractors, Inc. has been a leader in designing, installing, and building heating, ventilation, and air conditioning projects for Chicago, and the surrounding suburbs including Northwest Indiana. One call to Amber puts our professional and highly skilled staff to work for you. Build excellence into your next project with Amber Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

Company History

  • On September 1, 1959 – Vision of Building a Successful HVAC Business
    HVAC service business Amberg Heating Started by Mr. Edward Amberg to provide top quality heating, air conditioning and Refrigeration Service, Repair and Maintenance.
  • 1967 – Becoming Incorporated
    Amberg Heating Inc. was incorporated. During this time Amberg Heating participated in the HVAC installation market with D.M. Dykstra & Company, as a joint venture.
  • May 1st, 1971 – Growing the business
    Mr. Amberg sold his company, then relocated to 10253 S Vernon, with one of his employees, John Lindemulder Sr., who along with a partner Robert Huizinga, continued to operate the business as an HVAC Service, Repair and Maintenance business.
  • August of 1971 – Becoming an Industry Leader
    William Beukema Sr., formerly a partner with D.M. Dykstra & Company, joined Amber Heating & Air Conditioning. Through his experience and expertise, Amber Heating & Air Conditioning became a leader in the Installation and HVAC Sales market.
  • May of 1972 – Expanding and Providing Full Service
    Mr. Beukema bought Mr. Huizinga’s interest in Amber Heating & Air Conditioning. Under their joint ownership, Mr. Lindemulder and Mr. Beukema operated a full service Heating & Air Conditioning business with an even greater emphasis on installation work, in addition to expanding their service, repair and maintenance endeavors.
  • 1972 – New Location
    Moved to a new location at 1429 E. 142nd Street in Dolton, IL. This move also brought about a subtle name change – “Amber Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.”
  • April of 1973 – Strengthening & Enlarging Scope of Work
    John Lindemulder and William Beukema acquired interest in Bloem Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. which was located at 10321 S. Oxford in Chicago Ridge. Both firms were operated with the express intent of strengthening and enlarging their scope of work capability in the Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration field. This acquisition enabled Mr. Lindemulder and Mr. Beukema to operate under a Local 73 Sheet Metal Workers Agreement in addition to their Local 597 Pipe Fitters Agreement.
  • January 1st, 1975Merging as One Corporate Entity
    Amber Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. was merged with Bloem Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. The resulting firm, Amber/Bloem Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. operated from our Chicago Ridge location. This change was made possible only after extended negotiations with Local 73 Sheet Metal Workers, and finally allowed us to hire both Sheet Metal Workers and Pipe Fitters under one corporate entity.
  • 1975Acquiring Bloem
    About the time of the Amber Bloem merger, Mr. Lindemulder and Mr. Beukema acquired Mr. Bloem’s interest in the business.
  • July of 1985Emergence of the Multi-Faceted Corporation
    The corporation’s name was changed to Amber Mechanical Contractors, Inc. The Service Department continued to operate under the name of Amber Heating & Air Conditioning, a Division of Amber Mechanical Contractors, Inc. This name change was made to better identify AMC as a multifaceted corporation.We are currently operating in the Commercial/Industrial, Design/Build and Plan & Specification HVAC construction market; the Residential & Commercial Replacement, Retrofit market; the HVAC Service, Repair and Maintenance market; and more recently in the HVAC Control and Building Automation Systems market.
  • February of 1991Full Service Facility
    AMC moved to a modern new facility located at 11950 S. Central Ave. in Alsip, IL; where we continue to operate successfully as a full service Mechanical Contractor.
  • January 2nd, 2008Next Generation
    Mr. John Lindemulder Sr. & Mr. William Beukema Sr. completed the transfer of the ownership of the business to their sons, Mr. John Lindemulder Jr. and Mr. William Beukema Jr. respectively.Mr. John Lindermulder Sr. & Mr. William J. Beukema Sr. remained on as Co-Chairmen of the Board while Mr. John Lindemulder Jr. will serve as the President of Service Operations and Mr. William J. Beukema Jr. will serve as President of Construction Operations.
  • Present – Sustaining & Growing a Successful Business
    It is the intention of the ownership to continue operations with the original goals of our founders, which are expressed in our Mission Statement.

Amber Mechanical Contractors, Inc. designs, installs and maintains systems for the control of comfortable and healthy building environments. Our continued success depends upon the quality of our materials and craftsmanship, the safety and security of our customers and employees, and complete integrity in our service and responsiveness to customers’ needs.”

The people who went before us have worked diligently and honestly to allow us to be where we are today. The goal of every transition that has taken place down through the years has been to strengthen the business and to insure its continued success. With devoted employees and capable leadership, AMC will continue to grow and to prosper.


We are currently operating in the Commercial/Industrial, Design/Build and Plan & Specification HVAC construction market; the Residential & Commercial Replacement, Retrofit market; the HVAC Service, Repair and Maintenance market; and more recently in the HVAC Control and Building Automation Systems market.

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