Project Highlight – Shapiro Development Center & COVID 19

Amber Mechanical recently completed an emergency job for the State of Illinois at the Shapiro Developmental Center down in Kankakee where we converted an existing building into COVID-19 Isolation hospital.

The Shapiro Development Center’s 1940’s Hospital building converted to 48 isolation treatment rooms for Covid-19 patients. The scope of work includes HVAC system Retrofit and Installation.

Amber Mechanical takes pride in being an essential business providing critical trade services during the Coronavirus crisis. Amber is helping by constructing and completing the HVAC renovation of the Shapiro Center in Kankakee, IL. The project will provide 48 isolation rooms for Covid-19 infected patients. The 1940’s building required hvac retrofits and installation of temporary HVAC systems. All 48 rooms are equipped with ventilation and individual exhausts to isolate the air. Ambers focus was to create comfortable and safe building environment in each room and on the project as a whole. Time was of the essence to complete the Shapiro Center renovation as cases of the Coronavirus rose in Kankakee County. Amber Mechanical sheet metal workers increased shifts and hours, working overtime to complete the job knowing the need for immediate occupancy upon turnover. With dedication to high standards and a team focused on delivering excellence Amber Mechanical completed this project and was able to turn it over for immediate use.

As a full service Mechanical Contractor, Amber Mechanical designs, installs and maintains systems for the control of comfortable and healthy building environments. Amber has been serving Chicago, Surrounding Suburbs and Northwest Indiana since 1959.

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Project Highlight – Shapiro Development Center & COVID 19
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