Building Management Systems

Using innovative and reliable building management technology, Amber Mechanical Contractors provides the tools necessary to improve your building management. Using open protocol solutions, our team integrates multiple systems to achieve ease of use and efficiency.

Building management systems (BMSs), also known as building automation systems (BASs), help to reduce utility costs while optimizing comfort, safety, security, and indoor air quality (IAQ). Our goal at Amber is to help you improve the overall control, health, and energy efficiency of your Chicago area facility.

We use a technologically advanced approach and value-engineered solutions to integrate your important building systems. Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), lighting, card access, energy management, video surveillance, and security systems will all be integrated, allowing you to manage all of them simply and conveniently. We are also able to interact with existing proprietary and open protocol systems.

With building management systems from Amber, you can secure your facility, control and improve indoor environments, and create a healthy space for your employees, customers, and occupants. We are your trusted source to create a modern, sustainable building. Our team of dedicated technicians and engineers tailor recommendations to suit your needs and interests.

Temperature Control

For the ultimate in precise comfort in your Illinois building, you want temperature control. We will connect your smart thermostats to your building management system, and you can control the exact temperature without being in the vicinity of a thermostat.

Oversee the temperature in every area of your business at once. With an Amber building management system, you will have precise comfort at your fingertips.


We can integrate your surveillance system with your building management system. Your building’s security can be even easier and more convenient to regulate.

If you have closed-circuit television (CCTV), motion detectors, or any other surveillance system, they too can easily become a part of this system.

Access Control System

Many Alsip area buildings link their access control systems to their building management systems. Whether you utilize control panels, turnstiles, access card readers, key fobs or key card systems, or keypads, they will offer you even more convenience and safety attached to your building management system.

Install a Building Management System in Your Chicago Area Building

Take control of your Chicago, IL, business with technology. A building management system can provide you with even greater authority over so many systems in your building. Contact our Amber team today at 1-800-592-6237 or request service online .