New Construction

At Amber Mechanical Contractors, we specialize in all the areas of new construction for commercial and light industrial buildings. This includes designing, configuring, and building new construction heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to the specifications of the building needs and plans.

New construction HVAC takes a knowledgeable and experienced team of highly trained professionals to provide each facility with the correct HVAC system and ventilation solution.  Attention to dependability, performance, and energy efficiency drive the quality of the installation.

During the design process, our Amber team provides options on ways to achieve more energy efficiency. When you trust our Amber professionals, you ensure quality craftsmanship on each project.

New Construction HVAC Process 

Design and Coordination

Our team at Amber provides a project manager to work one on one with you to review all the building requirement prior to devising a plan. Our project manager coordinates and takes into consideration what is needed to craft a proper solution.

This is based upon your direct input, the site plan drawings, needed ventilation, healthy air requirements, the number of occupants, controls, and overall solutions needed for a safe and comfortable environment.


Amber has a full sheet metal fabrication shop in house, unlike many commercial HVAC companies. This gives us the ability to meet your needs by making exactly what is required for your project.


Safety, quality work, and time management are areas Amber excels in when completing a new construction installation. Our project manager focuses on meeting scheduled dates and executing the deliverables of the contract. Our professionals build excellence into each project, leaving you completely satisfied with your HVAC solution.

Service Maintenance

Owners’ training is a part of every commercial job to equip the building team on-site with the knowledge needed for daily use. This ensures your team has all the training on the new system before we complete a project. Our team is available to assist with service and any technical support that may arise, including planned maintenance.



Create comfortable and healthy building environments with the dedication to high standards Amber Mechanical Contractors, Inc. has in every project.