When running a Chicago area business or you are responsible for a commercial building, regardless of what type you have, you need to depend on all your systems on a daily basis. This is especially pertinent to your commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

With Amber Mechanical Contractors, you can trust in our reliability for HVAC service. We understand how critical your systems are to the well-being of your employees, customers, occupants, and building.

If something is off or not working, get in touch with us. Our commercial experts will promptly diagnose and repair the issue to keep your operations moving forward.

We strive to provide quick and thorough repair services that meet your expectations, no matter how big or small the project is. Our team has years of training and knowledge in commercial systems, so you can rely on our expertise in any scenario.

With our industry-leading solutions, you can be sure your building’s systems meet today’s strict standards of safety, health, and cleanliness after we work on them.

What Are Signs You Need a Repair?

It helps to recognize some of the signs indicating your HVAC system may need a repair. Avoiding a complete system breakdown is always a goal.

It’s costly for your Illinois business or building to shut down or work around a broken system. Get in touch with our Amber team as soon as you notice one of these problems, as well as any others:

  • Unusual odors—musty, burning, rotten eggs
  • Unusual noises—banging, grinding, squealing
  • Increase in energy costs—unexpected, sudden, unexplained
  • Unbalanced temperatures—uneven or abrupt heating or cooling in different areas
  • Nearing full life expectancy—inefficient, could suddenly quit at any time

Emergency 24-Hour Service

At Amber Mechanical, we understand HVAC emergencies can occur after regular business hours. We also know emergencies can evolve into more costly problems when not addressed immediately.

When you call, your call will be received by our 24–hour live telephone answering service representative. Our on duty Service Technician will be paged and will return your call to discuss your service needs.

Our commercial repair team is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for such emergencies. Don’t wait til Monday morning to contact us. We want to help you when you need it most.

Heating Service/Repair

When your commercial heater no longer heats at its expected levels, call our repair experts. We will diagnose and repair your furnace, boiler, rooftop unit (RTU), heat pump, or ductless system in no time.

Whatever your commercial heating system, you depend on its reliability for your Illinois business or building. Depend on Amber’s reliability to return your heating system to peak operation.

Cooling Service/Repair

Your commercial cooling system works hard during the highest Chicago area temperatures to keep your employees, customers, and occupants comfortable. In most businesses and buildings, it’s imperative to control your indoor temperatures, as well as your indoor air quality (IAQ), to protect the building, its occupants, and its contents.

If your air conditioning is no longer working efficiently or at optimum levels, you need our Amber commercial repair team. We repair all major makes and models and carry many commercial equipment parts on our trucks to expedite repair turnaround time.

Ventilation Service/Repair

Ventilation is key to keeping fresh air flowing through your Chicago area building. Your ventilation system pulls clean air in from the outdoors, replacing the old, stale air. When your commercial ventilation system needs professional service or a repair, it may negatively affect your building’s indoor air quality and by default your employees, customers, and occupants.

Let our Amber commercial team assess your ventilation mechanical equipment. We will evaluate everything from your exhaust units to your fans, motors, dampers, air grilles, vents, and controls. If anything’s amiss, we will discuss it with you before moving ahead.

Air Quality Service/Repair

Your ventilation system is tied to your Illinois building’s air quality. Without the proper equipment, it’s easy for mold, bacteria, viruses, and more to spread. And when this equipment needs a repair or breaks down, you may run into similar unhealthy situations.

Employees, customers, and occupants want to be sure the air they breathe is healthy and free from these common dangers. Through extensive industry research and testing, our trained professionals know the right solutions to offer you.

At Amber, we will service and repair your ultraviolet C (UVC) and bipolar ionization technologies as well as change your dirty filters. We also evaluate the level of outdoor air you bring indoors and your degree of humidity for healthier results.

Piping Service/Repair

When your piping requires professional service or a repair, our Amber team of experts is prepared to restore your processes to optimal performance. Whether your issue is with your refrigeration piping or hydronic and steam piping, all our mechanical piping services are performed at the highest level of quality by our skilled union pipefitter team members.

We have extensive training and experience with piping. Our capabilities include hydronic piping  (copper, galvanized, carbon steel, stainless steel cast iron, PVC/CPVC), natural gas, medical gas, and HVAC water/chemical treatment.

Our team regularly repairs pipes in various Alsip markets such as commercial, K–12 schools and higher education, healthcare, central and water treatment plants, high rises and mid rises, government buildings, and many others.

Building Management Service/Repair

At Amber, we can help you improve your building management. We utilize innovative and reliable building management technology to provide you with the necessary tools to enhance your building management.

Using open protocol solutions, our team integrates multiple systems to achieve ease of use and efficiency. Building management systems help to reduce utility costs, while optimizing comfort, safety, security, and indoor air quality. Our goal is to help you improve the overall control, health, and energy efficiency of your facility.

When you need service or a repair to one of your systems, our team promptly diagnoses the issue and addresses it before it becomes a larger, more costly problem. Whether we installed the system or simply integrated with your current system, let our expertise and experience make your job easier.

Contact Amber Mechanical Today

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