Your commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning HVAC system is one of the largest investments you will make in your Chicago area business. As with any of your investments, it needs protecting. The most effective type of protection for your system is professional preventative maintenance.

Amber Mechanical Contractors will help you keep your heating and cooling system in peak operating condition for years to come. We offer several options for maintenance and will customize them to your building’s unique needs.

Planned Maintenance

Regular planned maintenance on your system gives you several benefits as a return. When Amber Mechanical inspects, cleans, and tunes up your equipment, it helps keep your system performing at optimal levels. When your system runs as it should, your energy efficiency is high, saving you money on energy costs.

Another advantage to planned maintenance is fewer unexpected breakdowns. When our Amber team inspects your equipment on a regular basis, we become very familiar with it and can warn you proactively of any potential repairs or issues down the road. Then you can plan for that expense.

Over time, normal wear and tear plays its part on your equipment, and components need replacing. It’s more cost effective to budget for these costs and circumvents having to shut down your business due to a full breakdown.

When your system is tuned up and parts are working as intended, your HVAC system can operate to its potential, living to its full equipment life expectancy. This saves you the cost of an early replacement.

Your system also operates much more efficiently, optimizing your building’s comfort level.

Customized Seasonal Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance is the best way to stay on top of your professional maintenance, ensuring your HVAC equipment is functioning as designed and delivering the greatest levels of comfort in your building. At Amber, we offer customized seasonal maintenance to address your building’s specific needs.

When we perform maintenance on a seasonal basis, your systems are prepared for the upcoming season and temperature changes. When we inspect, clean, and tune up your heating system in the fall prior to dipping temperatures, your commercial heater is ready to keep your employees, customers, and occupants warm as needed.

Conversely, we prefer to maintain your commercial cooling system in the spring before it needs to respond to the high temperatures of the warmer months.

Changing your air filters seasonally, or more regularly if needed, makes good sense. Getting your system ready for the continuous use of the upcoming season helps keep your indoor air quality (IAQ) high and your employees, customers, and occupants healthy and safe.

When filters are dirty, your system is unable to stop harmful particles, bacteria, mold, and dust from circulating in the building’s airflow. These same damaging elements also gather inside your HVAC system, clogging parts and interfering with the system’s operation. This can lead to costly repairs.

Call Amber to discuss how we can schedule customized seasonal maintenance for your business’s unique requirements.

Energy Management

Energy management in your Chicago area commercial building can reduce your energy usage  and save you money. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as much as 30 percent of energy in commercial buildings is wasted.

Let Amber identify where your company wastes energy to help improve your commercial HVAC system’s efficiency. With our energy management services, we will design and help implement measures to help your company save money.

Integrated into our energy management services is evaluating how well your commercial HVAC system operates and how often you maintain it. Both of these components factor heavily into your energy usage and management.

Monitoring Agreements

We offer commercial monitoring agreements to add another layer of assistance and protection to your Illinois business and building. When you sign up for a monitoring agreement with us, our professional team can oversee the workings of your systems from a distance via a building automation system (BAS).

With today’s technology, there is so much we can control from afar. With a BAS, we utilize specialized software and hardware to monitor your building’s HVAC system. Our BAS operators can make quick decisions based on the information they receive to adjust your employee, customer, and occupant comfort and safety.

If your commercial heater’s fan is malfunctioning, we may be able to diagnose and adjust it without being there in person. If your company utilizes smart thermostats, we can troubleshoot temperature issues as well as equipment problems relating to your thermostat all from a remote position.

Talk to us about monitoring your HVAC maintenance via a monitoring agreement. Let us make things easier for you and your business, as well as help you save money.

Contact Us for Your Commercial Maintenance Needs

Your commercial HVAC system requires regular care to operate at its best. When your heating and cooling works efficiently, you save money in energy and repair costs. Our Amber Mechanical team wants to talk to you about your Chicago, IL, company’s or building’s maintenance and how we can help. Call us at 1-800-592-6237 or request service online .