Sheet Metal Fabrication

We are a union shop at Amber Mechanical Contractors that has the capabilities of producing the highest-level sheet metal and mechanical piping services available. Our Amber team provides quality workmanship that is expected from qualified union labor employees to ensure all types of projects are completed successfully.

Sheet Metal

Our sheet metal fabrication shop is capable of producing ductwork fittings from low-pressure galvanized steel to heavy gauge welded black iron and stainless steel. With the highest level of quality in our fabrication process, we are able to prefab entire areas and sections, reducing field install time and increasing productivity.

We offer quick turnaround with our on-site fabrication shop and meet any design needs necessary for project requirements.

Our sheet metal fabrication shop is:

  • Able to fabricate 26 gauge through 12 gauge galvanized, aluminum, black iron, and stainless steel materials
  • Compliant with SMACNA, ANSI, and ASHRAE/IESNA standards
  • Using Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software on a plasma cutter and an internal duct liner cutter for all duct fabrication needs, giving us the ability to design and fabricate specialty types of sheet metal designs to meet project requirements
  • Utilizing all necessary equipment and certified employees for all TIG, MIG, and stick and carbon arc welding needs
  • Able to produce low-, medium-, and high-pressure class ductwork fittings

Building Excellence in Every Project

At Amber Mechanical, we work on large commercial and industrial projects, which encompass sealed bids, design/builds, and negotiated and performance contract projects with owners, architects, builders, project managers, and developers.

Our project experience covers: