Oak Brook, IL

Cooling System Installations

Having an efficient and dependable commercial cooling system is important in running a successful Illinois business. Being sure your employees, customers, and occupants are comfortable when the outdoor temperature skyrockets can definitely affect your business.

You can’t afford to have your commercial cooling system not running in peak condition. When your equipment repairs start adding up or your system is nearing its life expectancy, it may be time to replace your cooling system with a new one.

Our Amber Mechanical Contractors team of install professionals has decades of experience in commercial cooling system installations. When the time comes for a new system, we will expertly install your new system, returning your Oak Brook business to the high levels of comfort you provide.

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Temperature Control

An important factor in providing heating and cooling comfort for your Oak Brook company’s employees, customers, and occupants is temperature control.

Let Amber Mechanical Contractors help you take control of your company’s temperature by integrating your company’s smart thermostats into your building management system. This increases your convenience factor by setting you up to control your Illinois business’s comfort level from a remote location.

When we work with you on your temperature control, you can supervise the temperature for every area of your business simultaneously. Saving time saves you money.

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Ventilation Service/Repair

Your Illinois company’s ventilation is integral to your building’s indoor air quality (IAQ). Being sure your indoor air quality is high makes all the difference to the health and safety of your employees, customers, and occupants.

When your commercial ventilation system is not pulling in clean air from the outdoors as it should, you may have an issue with components such as your fans, motors, dampers, air grilles, vents, and controls. You need our Amber Mechanical Contractors team to evaluate the issue and then to provide professional ventilation service or repair. Let us get your air quality back to where it should be.

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Chiller Installation

At Amber Mechanical Contractors, we will handle your chiller installation quickly and professionally. Our team will help you select the appropriate chiller for your company’s unique needs and then expertly install it with as little disruption to your business routine as possible.

It’s vital to install the right model for the most accurate temperature, humidity, and ventilation. You want to keep your Oak Brook, IL business’s employees, customers, and occupants comfortable. Our team wants you to have the benefit of our decades of experience, training, and knowledge when choosing the best system for your needs.

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Plan and Spec

We specialize in commercial plan and spec at Amber Mechanical Contractors. Our commercial team will work with your team of architects, contractors, and engineers—or work solely with you—from the beginning of your Oak Brook construction project through its completion.

When we work with your business, we will bring your project in on time and within the projected scope. We never just jump in without doing a proper assessment of your Illinois business’s or building’s load and size requirements to ensure everything is accurate.

It’s vital to us your project is a success, and we will utilize our decades of experience to do whatever it takes to support you.

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Estimating and Budgeting

Bringing Amber Mechanical Contractors in at the start of your Oak Brook, IL company project ensures success from the get-go. We have a full-time estimating and budgeting department dedicated to providing digitized takeoffs of all HVAC mechanical systems we estimate.

Our team also provides preconstruction conceptual budget estimates to help in scoping project budgets. We include everyone in the project team on receiving the estimate and budget information so all the team members can operate from the same page.

Be sure to discuss with our knowledgeable team members how Amber can help you succeed in your commercial projects.

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