Healthy Air Solutions for Schools

Amber Vans Outside a School

A Healthy and Safe Classroom is Essential to Learning

Amber Mechanical’s team is equipped to help classroom environments and school buildings address healthy air concern with real customized solutions. Ventilation and filtration were enhanced at this local south suburbs school, creating better indoor air quality for students and teachers.

Engineers contracted the school about equipment recommissioning to evaluate where they could improve the building’s air quality and energy savings. Service members from Amber sat in the meetings to assist the school as they evaluated the findings regarding mechanical equipment, repairs, and the proper operation of fans. Work began to service and replace motors, bearings, belts, and actuators on exhaust units. Amber service technicians worked on dampers to increase airflow and checked filters to improve indoor air quality. They looked at outside air grilles to bring in clean, fresh air and exhaust fans to expel dirty air and excess moisture. The technicians also evaluated the general exhaust for hallways, common areas, and bathroom.

Making Schools More Healthy and Safe

Our initial work included five schools, with 150 to 200 exhaust fans and units per school. We continued assessing and making updates wherever needed.

Amber service technicians worked on split-system air conditioning units by adding fan-cycling controls. The demand to run air conditioning units for cooling classrooms on lower-temperature days has increased over the past year with expanded safety precautions, such as mask wearing for students. The school was running the cooling on these lower-temperature days and began tripping a freeze stat. To improve each room’s comfort level, the technicians installed fan-cycling controls to give the occupants the ability to run the cooling as they desire.

The overall comfort of the building was also addressed as Amber service technicians aided in checking the building control functionality. They notified the school of any errors or issues found, such as incorrect temperature displays and programming errors.

Healthy Buildings Can Make Occupants Feel Safer

As your preferred Breath Easy Illinois contractor, we’ve got the training and expertise to help improve ventilation throughout your building, purify the air your occupants breathe, and give you (and them) peace of mind. With our industry-leading solutions, you can be sure the air in your building meets today’s strict standards of health and cleanliness.

  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to install
  • Reduces airborne pollutants
  • Safe for occupants
  • Low maintenance
  • Cost effective

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